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Sandero stepway car review

Sandero stepway is a car manufactured by Dacia automobile and is a Romanian car. This car manufacturing company has been in operation since its founding back in 1966. It has produced a number of models since then with improvements in each one of them that they make. The Sandero Stepway has gained a lot of audience since its introduction in the market and Renault has made sure it’s making the best in the market. This car comes with a number of features that riders will enjoy. The new model has also made some improvements from the previous type. This include the tauter looking sheetmetal among many others.

The revised suspension

The new model comes with new levels suspension. The previous one had 164mm which is a standard value for many cars. The new one in sandero stepway is 193mm. This means that the car can take on a bump comfortably without having to worry of destroying some parts below it. This has given the model the vote of being among the best looking model.

16 inch flex wheels

This is a feature in the new sandero stepway model and some people say it’s the cleverest touch that the car has been given. These wheels give the car a comfortable ride and makes it stable in the roads. The braking system in the car is also good to ensure that the safety of the driver and the passenger. There is also some kind of a stopgap between the alloys and the steels. This is finally given a metallic finish to give a superb appearance.

Sandero stepway

The standard ESP and electric windows

The ESP is a technology that is meant to assist the driver in keeping the vehicle under control while they are driving. It will help control the power of the car by keeping it at minimum until the driver regains control of the car. It is also fitted with electric windows for ease of handling.

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