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2016 Cars Less than $20,000 – Honda Civic

Over the years I’ve wrote countless articles involving the purchase of a brand new vehicle. Some of them have even cost over a million dollars. I provided all the specs, the ins and outs about performance, and even several places where you could receive additional discounts off your purchase.

Whatever the case might have been, the majority of us are looking for safe and reliable vehicles. Ones that will run forever, have low fuel costs, be safe for the entire family (if you have one), and give us the opportunity to enjoy life’s adventure. This being said, I have to be a little more realistic with the vehicles I write about for you.

The realism is you need something affordable. You don’t need a $300 or $400 car payment, and then a $150 insurance payment on top of it (well, I assume this because you’re looking for a car under $20,000). So, let’s stick to what’s important; an inexpensive car with all the extra benefits.

The 2016 Honda Civic

2016 Honda Civic

One huge benefit the 2016 Honda Civic offers is efficient fuel costs. In fact, I couldn’t tell you a year these cars weren’t good on gas. The Civic LX can be purchased for less than $20,000.  Keep in mind; this is for the base model. However, even with the majority of the bells and whistles attached, you’re looking around $27,000.

I have owned two Honda Civics throughout my life (1993 and 1998), my brother has owned one (2002), and when my son turned 16, we got him a 2004. Seriously, he can fill up the tank with $20 and drive around 450 to 500 miles on it. All of these vehicles were/are very reliable and none of us dealt with any major issues throughout ownership.

The 2016 Honda Civic has dropped some in regards to fuel economy (ranking #6), but this is primarily due to hybrid vehicles flooding the market. When comparing this vehicle to others that only use gasoline, it ranks #2.

When you’re looking at the curb appeal, the 2016 Honda Civic is a compact sedan that looks much more reliable than the Toyota Corolla. Now, the Corolla seems a little sleeker than the Civic, but manufacturers wanted a safer look for consumers. (more…)