Friends don’t let friends ignore a Bad Radiator

As summer temperatures begin to climb, there’s a lot of stress and strain put on your car’s cooling system. The radiator is somewhat the star of the show as far as cooling is concerned, because without a good radiator…well, you’d be in hot water fairly quickly. When the engine can’t cool itself down, it’s much more likely to seize up, throw a rod, and leave you on the side of the road. A destroyed engine can run you thousands of pounds if you’re not careful.

But what if this is happening to a friend? A lot of people don’t have the experience they need with cars to properly diagnose problems. Even if you’re a longtime car buff, there are just some things that you need to ask a second opinion on.

car radiator

We know that getting your hands on the best supplier possible is super important, and that means that you need to search online. That’s right: online. The selection is better because they don’t have to keep a local collection, and shipping is faster than ever. You can get the parts you need the very next day if you’re in a hurry, and you’ll have expert staff to talk with in case you’re stuck on what to choose.

This is the experience that Advanced Radiators focuses on every day, ensuring that people truly get the service they deserve and the parts they need. Choosing a radiator isn’t always easy, especially if you have a more exotic car to think about, or an older model.

You can sit down with your friend and show them the setup at Advanced Radiators. Since they probably won’t recognize the name off bat, they might be suspicious about picking up parts there. Explain that not only does this company belong to several trade associations focused on giving the customer the best experience possible…radiators is all they do. They focus on this part, they know the ins and outs, and they’re not going to steer you wrong. Think about it from their perspective: just how long would they stay in business if they didn’t put the customer as a priority?

When you see your friend struggling to replace key vehicle components, don’t just leave them hanging. Steer them in the right direction by explaining the value of replacing their radiator and going to a site with a large collection of parts to choose from. Once they get their new radiator delivered, they’ll definitely appreciate your help!

Volkswagen builds Exciting New London Showroom

Volkswagen has been turning eyes with its new showroom in London. The building is its largest and is in Brentford, Essex just off the A4. It has four floors and room to house over ninety cars.

Volkswagen showroom

There are 70 staff who will provide sales, after sale and repair services. Alex Smith, the director of Volkswagen UK explained that the new building very much shows that the company is looking to grow in the UK. With a large showroom in the area it not only will be able to provide the service required in the are but show how strong Volkswagen is across the UK.

The building has been specifically designed so that it is inviting to customers and gives them a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to choose their new car. There are 140 inch video walls where staff will be able to demonstrate the vehicles by projecting images. There are also touchscreens which can be used by customers to explore the nationwide stock of vehicles plus free Wi-fi means that customers can also use their own mobile devices should they want to.

The ground floor is the service area which has 28 bays to allow the expert technicians run all of the necessary diagnostics on the cars. There are two floors dedicated to pre-owned car sales with 30 cars on each level. There is even a vertical garden at the entrance to create an eye catching appearance for customers. It uses rainwater collected on site to water it and is 230sqm. There are even solar panels on the building which help to make the building as energy efficient as possible.

Holden Berlina sportwagon review

The Berlina Sportwagon is a car by Holden automobile manufacturing company. The assembly of this car is done in Australia and is categorized as a full size car. It also comes in a number of models including a 2 door, 4 door and a 5 door station wagon. This SUV comes with a number of features for drivers to enjoy and its technology is also updated. This car also comes at an affordable price compared to other cars of the same caliber. It also runs on a six speed manual transmission and the new model also comes with new technology for its stability.

Berlina Sportwagon

Dual zone climate air-conditioning

This is one of the incredible features of this new model when compared to the previous ones. The air conditioning of the car ensures that the driver and the passengers are comfortable in any type of weather than a person may be. Even when the weather is hot, one will only need to make some adjustments and the cars atmosphere becomes favorable again.

Rear park sensor

This is a system installed in the car and helps when the driver is parking the car. The sensors will alert the driver should there be an object and avoid hitting it. This makes the handling of this car to be fun and easy too. Considering that the car is a bit big, this system makes handling to be pretty good and one will not have a hard time parking the car.


The security of the car is also prioritized with the installation of 6 airbags in the holden berlina sportwagon. When the car collides with an object or another car, these airbags will pop out and prevent injuries for all the passengers. These airbags also come with high sensitivity and thus will respond promptly upon impact. This increases the safety of the passengers aboard this car.

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Sandero stepway car review

Sandero stepway is a car manufactured by Dacia automobile and is a Romanian car. This car manufacturing company has been in operation since its founding back in 1966. It has produced a number of models since then with improvements in each one of them that they make. The Sandero Stepway has gained a lot of audience since its introduction in the market and Renault has made sure it’s making the best in the market. This car comes with a number of features that riders will enjoy. The new model has also made some improvements from the previous type. This include the tauter looking sheetmetal among many others.

The revised suspension

The new model comes with new levels suspension. The previous one had 164mm which is a standard value for many cars. The new one in sandero stepway is 193mm. This means that the car can take on a bump comfortably without having to worry of destroying some parts below it. This has given the model the vote of being among the best looking model.

16 inch flex wheels

This is a feature in the new sandero stepway model and some people say it’s the cleverest touch that the car has been given. These wheels give the car a comfortable ride and makes it stable in the roads. The braking system in the car is also good to ensure that the safety of the driver and the passenger. There is also some kind of a stopgap between the alloys and the steels. This is finally given a metallic finish to give a superb appearance.

Sandero stepway

The standard ESP and electric windows

The ESP is a technology that is meant to assist the driver in keeping the vehicle under control while they are driving. It will help control the power of the car by keeping it at minimum until the driver regains control of the car. It is also fitted with electric windows for ease of handling.

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Hyundai Elantra

I wish I could tell you I have a ton of experience driving the Hyundai Elantra, but I don’t. I’ve only driven one a handful of times, but none of those times involved a test drive with a dealership. The only time I’ve ever driven a Hyundai (period) is when I needed to rent-a-car for work. I never really paid attention to how good or bad it drove, but I did focus on the comfort.  In years past, the Elantra didn’t offer the best comfort level (for me anyways) during a drive.

However, I did start wondering why I chose a Hyundai Elantra all of those times. After a little research, it turns out I was looking for something with fuel efficiency, an inexpensive per day price, and unlimited miles. Once I started looking at the rental companies thought process behind using these as rental cars, it all started to make sense.

hyundai elantra 2016

Why was I always able to get unlimited miles with the Hyundai Elantra? Well, because they were extremely durable. You could basically run them into the ground, mile after mile, and they would keep on chugging along (not literally). Then I thought; “Why was it always the cheapest per day price?” This was due to the overall cost of the vehicle; under $15,000.  Then of course, the fuel efficiency made sense, because I drove a ton of highway miles.

It’s been about 4 years since I drove my last Hyundai Elantra, but it didn’t keep me from looking into the 2016 version for you. After all, if you can purchase a new car for $18,000 and have plenty of additional features included, it has to be considered as a good choice for someone…maybe you. (more…)

Toyota Corolla

Every time I think of a Toyota Corolla, it reminds me of my high school days. Granted, this was back in the late 80s and early 90s, but the Corolla was a great starter car for high school kids. It was extremely inexpensive, so no matter who was footing the bill (parents or child), the cost wouldn’t be too overwhelming. Fast forward 25-30 years later and nothing has changed, except the Corolla itself. It’s still inexpensive when compared to thousands of other cars, and most of them are driven well beyond their initial manufacturing date.

The Toyota Corolla LE Sedan (similar to the 2016 Honda Civic) will cost under $19,000. Now, if you’re looking for something a sporty, purchasing this car will come down to what you classify as “sporty.” This vehicle still comes with the plastic hubcaps, which has never been appealing to the eye, but you do have the option of upgrading to something better than the standard.

However, I will say that it has been given a newer look with a little more edge. In fact, if your purchase between this and the Honda Civic Sedan were only about looks, the Toyota Corolla would win. There are 5 Corollas on the market in 2016, so make sure you check out each individual design and see what works best for you.

If you’re willing to go over the $20,000 threshold if it includes perks, I recommend looking at the Toyota Corolla LE Eco CVT. It has a ridiculous 30mpg in the city, and almost 43mpg on the highway. The LE Eco is also the Corolla model offering 140hp (the S model does as well, but its well over $20k), but all the rest of them are only 132hp.

2016 Toyota Corolla

The back seat seems to be a little “roomier” than normal, which wouldn’t make your kids or friends feel like a sardine during a road trip. It’s big enough to hold 4 people comfortably (the whole car, not just the back seat), and even 5 people comfortably, as long as the person sitting in the middle is a child. (more…)

2016 Cars Less than $20,000 – Honda Civic

Over the years I’ve wrote countless articles involving the purchase of a brand new vehicle. Some of them have even cost over a million dollars. I provided all the specs, the ins and outs about performance, and even several places where you could receive additional discounts off your purchase.

Whatever the case might have been, the majority of us are looking for safe and reliable vehicles. Ones that will run forever, have low fuel costs, be safe for the entire family (if you have one), and give us the opportunity to enjoy life’s adventure. This being said, I have to be a little more realistic with the vehicles I write about for you.

The realism is you need something affordable. You don’t need a $300 or $400 car payment, and then a $150 insurance payment on top of it (well, I assume this because you’re looking for a car under $20,000). So, let’s stick to what’s important; an inexpensive car with all the extra benefits.

The 2016 Honda Civic

2016 Honda Civic

One huge benefit the 2016 Honda Civic offers is efficient fuel costs. In fact, I couldn’t tell you a year these cars weren’t good on gas. The Civic LX can be purchased for less than $20,000.  Keep in mind; this is for the base model. However, even with the majority of the bells and whistles attached, you’re looking around $27,000.

I have owned two Honda Civics throughout my life (1993 and 1998), my brother has owned one (2002), and when my son turned 16, we got him a 2004. Seriously, he can fill up the tank with $20 and drive around 450 to 500 miles on it. All of these vehicles were/are very reliable and none of us dealt with any major issues throughout ownership.

The 2016 Honda Civic has dropped some in regards to fuel economy (ranking #6), but this is primarily due to hybrid vehicles flooding the market. When comparing this vehicle to others that only use gasoline, it ranks #2.

When you’re looking at the curb appeal, the 2016 Honda Civic is a compact sedan that looks much more reliable than the Toyota Corolla. Now, the Corolla seems a little sleeker than the Civic, but manufacturers wanted a safer look for consumers. (more…)

Auto Insurance Fraud

Two main categories of automobile insurance fraud are Collision and Property. There are many sub-categories to these. They all have the effect of stealing money from both the public and the private sector. By extracting large sums of money from insurance carriers from bogus claims for phony auto accidents, the insurance carrier is forced to pass their losses on to their customers. That’s just one way that perpetrators of these types of crimes increase the general cost of auto insurance for all motorists.

Auto Insurance Fraud

Auto insurance fraud also hikes the cost of insurance obligations for specific individual motorists that get caught in fake collisions. Individual motorists can fall victim to numerous types of car insurance scams. Like when one motorist intentionally creates an accident by needlessly braking to force following motorists into a rear end collision. (more…)